I have an uncle who is very creative.

Creativity means too many things to say anything at all. It is the most hollow and over-used word in our business to sell something that doesn’t necessarily sell.


Here’s what we do believe in: The ambition to be better than your competitors, impact, emotions, feeling something, humor, useful information, craft, a clear message, your own way, being fresh, well-chosen words, strong images, beauty, ugliness, the new, the old, consistency, relevance — but not because it’s a law, boosting sales, gratis, changing minds, pied-de-stalles, the little idea, strong brands making  strong companies, in ourselves and who knows —  in you.

We don’t push a vision, we build on who you are, where you are and then work hard to get you where you should be.

Our team

Part of our strategy shows itself in the build of our team. The team represents a wide variety of skills we feel are essential for brand building. At heart, we’re all brand planners. We also continue to perfect skills like channel planning, product design, content creation, and digital. To streamline all of these skills we turn to our reliable and experienced delivery team.

Open agency

Over the last decade, the marketing environment grew more complex. Channels have exploded and the way to manage those alike. Clients adapted, rightly so, they integrate some of these newer key marketing competencies into their team. Social media community management or online advertising, to name a few. We actively encourage this new norm and live by it.

We don’t have any walls (account managers) between the client, the other suppliers and us. Some of our clients even consider us part of the team.

When the client did not appoint a much-needed specialist, we can rely on a robust network of Bowling-friends to step in. As was traditionally the case with photographers, directors, and illustrators for many years we now also cover all digital skills.

Awards and inspiration.

You won’t easily find us on advertising award shows. We don’t mind them and sometimes we enter work and win a trophy, but celebrating your own work is not the best way to keep the inspiration going.

So we invest in young Belgian artists, groundbreakers, rebels, innovators or simply creators of beauty. These people push our own thinking about communication, they surprise us and inspire us, and in return we support them to keep going.


Sometimes, we walk the talk and start a brand of our own.

There is no better way to understand the challenges of a brand than to create one yourself. Clothing brand Fabuleux Marcel and race cycles Jaegher are our own creations and they have taught us more than working in agencies about growing and nourishing a brand. We understand about working with limited budgets, making difficult choices, combining brand building with keeping the sales going etc. Have a look what we did for those brands in brands.


The founders

Christophe Ghewy, his royal Dudeness.
Before he became a professional bowler, Christophe was preparing his game and polishing his balls. He co-founded LG&F, which later became Famous and was Agency of the Year 5 times. As creative partner, he worked his magic on national and international brands like Proximus, Klara, Lee, Eristoff, Martini, Electrabel, Axa, Toyota, William Lawson’s. Oh yes, he knows how to make a perfect White Russian, if this is what you were waiting for.

Gwenn Nevelsteen, queen Duderina.
Gwenn was PR & Communication Manager at Eurostation. There she discovered what it’s like to play God, how through clever design and architecture you can change entire neighborhoods and influence people’s lives in it. Before she played with trains, she toyed with content and publishing at Kluwer, as head of the Custom Publishing department. Now she is known as Gwenn The Ballstroker. Her moves, the curve of her swing and the spin of the ball are so gorgeous she brings the whole bowling alley in disruption.