Due to the lockdown, a lot of museums had to close their doors and people didn’t have the chance to travel to the home of the Flemish Masters anymore.

Together with Visit Flanders, we created a special experience, where we wanted to send art lovers worldwide on a virtual cultural trip during the lockdown period. Even though we couldn’t bring people together around our Flemish heritage, that didn’t mean we could not share our passion with the world anymore. So we launched ‘The Stay At Home Museum’. 5 Virtual tours in 5 different museums, guided by the curators and directors.┬áThe tours were streamed on Facebook Premiere which made it possible to ask questions to an art expert during a live Q&A.

With almost 2 500 000 visitors from 94 different countries, people from all over the world felt connected by our Flemish Masters.



2 500 000 VISITORS

Episode 1: Jan van Eyck

Episode 2: Bruegel

Episode 3: Rubens

Episode 4: Ensor

Episode 5: Hof van Busleyden