This case could go on for ages, but we’ll keep it to the last chapter. The one that started in 2017 when we reinvented it, although, reinventing might be overstating it, we had it evolving to a new place.

numbers don’t lie.

The brand that stood for saving and investments is now a proud and pure play savings bank. We stuck to the proven strategy, one centered around the enabling of conscious financial decision taking. Only this time we zoomed in on the savings. W went beyond economic technicalities and got into behavioral psychology and its effects it has on our savings. Now the brand states that savings is a science and we can help our clients to understand it. Seeing it as a human science is unique in banking the numbers don’t lie, people respond very well to this new direction.


The focus on the savings account is stronger than ever before. We’ve got nothing to sell and can stay true to our altruistic nature. And focus on finding ways to explain the science to a broad audience.


First, we installed the idea that we’re a pure-play savings bank by getting the new site out, one that is made to serve all the knowledge we’re sharing. It also involved a data-driven approach. The KPI measurement plan makes sure the Numbers go beyond marketing numbers; the content redaction team had to have state of the art reporting any modern redaction has. Doing so involved planning for all digital channels where content is available like social media and mailings.


Our clients also needed to know what’s up. To get them on the same page as us we send them a book on our preferred topic. A well-received gift reminding them about a whole new thing to discover in our channels. It was “Mind over Money” by BBC health reporter Claudia Hammond, who is now on the team of experts to keep the content above par and unbiased.


The new proposition opens up a whole new market, and that is why we also wanted the majority of Belgians to know about our financial awakening. We went into the science and replicated an experiment that showed how using a second bank for savings improves your power to save. 2 birds with one stone, objective behavioral science, and our significant insight turned in a USP. Keep a distance between your day to day money and your savings. A radio campaign also helped to install “saving is a science’ and the idea of the ‘distance.’


As savings purist we also decided to answer an age-old question “how much should I be saving” An online test helps you to figure that one out by visualizing your cash flow and comparing it with your peers. With success.

A proud and complete brand because of 360 program management. Due to GDPR, PSD2 and a long history of being a mature digital bank it was decided to update everything, website, CRM, client zone, campaign tools, app, the whole thing. An undertaking this big involves a lot of partners. To make sure everything would be in line with the digital ambitions and branding strategy Bowling acts as the lead agency overseeing and aligning all projects on the brand level. It results in us being able to get out hands on over 90% of brand touch points and thus really design for success.