Praise for Pink Ribbon

Advertising is not always a joyful endeavor and so is life. That doesn’t mean it can’t be heartwarming.¬†With the Fairtime awards, Medialaan offers free media space to non-profits, and this is why we’ve been called upon by Pink Ribbon to raise awareness on the subject.

The thing that makes Pink Ribbon unique is that they do not just address the medical side. They will encourage dialogue, discuss the emotions like fear and loneliness.

One thing we’re very proud of is our 30′ Radio announcements. The message we wanted to bring across is that it should not define women who have or had breast cancer. They are still the women they were before. We proved our point with music. Put on a song, take away the instruments and the song stays continues to be beautiful. The same thing goes for these women.

The spots received the Fairtime award in 2015. The jury selected the campaign from 32 other as the best. Not only the panel liked it. It also won the highest likability score of the year (7,6) from the listeners of Qmusic and JoeFM.