Napoleon 2.0

A contemporary Napoleon who’s premium, tall and not French at all.

Bowling told UNIBET to steer clear of ‘being lucky’ as this would not create a loyal mass. The road taken was that of the knowledge strategy. This had the right fit with soccer fans as they are already informed about what’s going on with their favorite team. The most important insight of the campaign is that knowing the facts increases the change to win dramatically. This is why Bowling and UNIBET would inform the fans with detailed data and information on each team and its performance. With this data, UNIBET got the perception as a trusted partner and was able to make some exciting media deals. Long story short, after a year UNIBET was the market leader for sports betting. The success factors of this campaign had been adopted internationally and are still in place.

Napoleon Games, however, had a different challenge for us to tackle. They represent more than just sports. Live Casino and online games were part of the scope. They were looking for a consistent way to communicate. Bowling came with the solution, we reincarnated the historical figure of Napoleon and made him current and premium. The new Napoleon epitomizes the thrill that this brand brings.

He already increases the brand attribution and the ROI of the campaigns. This Napoleon 2.0 proves to be an effective leader for the future of the brand.