The Citroën’s showroom is one of the most iconic facades of Brussels, needless to say; it has become the cornerstone of the entire campaign.

Citroën garage, building cars, movement.

It was clear from the start that we wanted to create an animated identity.; Something that mirrors movement, inherent to the DNA from this old garage. It was this specific image (as shown below) that inspired us to animate text on the path that we extracted from an old blueprint from the showroom.

Using this path and After effects we created a three stories high animation, typographically reconstructing the Citroën facade.

The whole campaign fell in place only after finishing painting the name ‘Kanal Brut’ on the original facade. Serving as the main attraction for people passing by and living around this new contemporary art museum.

Translating the look and feel for print.

For print, we chose a slightly different approach. Using the building’s shape with text set in 3d space, again referring to the same facade.

80 liter of paint, 2 weeks of work, 2 or possibly even 4 infected elbows.

The first lick of paint and sweat.

A series of animated teasers for instagram.

For the Instagram account launch, we made 15 seconds lasting animations, shot from a fixed camera angle.

12 september 2018, Kanal Brut opens a second exposition.

Radio has never been so brut before.

Kanal Brut
The third, the last, eternity.


A contemporary museum is an externalization of our spirit of the times. Our society today is characterized by a lot of protest. On the positive side, this protest is a sign of engagement from a certain group. Together they are stronger to be heard and / or to bring change. Art is also a social commitment. It connects people across language borders, political color or background. It makes people stand still and reflect. For KANAL FESTIVAL, Bowling Brands uses the expressions of protest as a sign of a common cultural commitment.