Straight to the heart.

IP is the biggest Belgian media service company. Their clients are advertisers and advertising agencies. In their portfolio, they have a lot of tv-channels, radio-channels, online services, magazines from where they can touch the right target groups.

Since decennia, the logo of IP is a native American. Now, we know why.

Nobody knows why. That’s why we gave it a reason. We gave the native American some arrows, which seems very natural,  and came up with the tagline. Straight to the Heart.

Since then life became easy for whatever we did for the brand. Ads, activation, promotion, interior design, Christmas cards and what not. For example, a series of shorts got specially made for the Creative Belgium gala, Belgium’s most crucial advertising event, packed with the target audience, all the ad people.

IP photobooth at Sint-Canneke

The case is the case.

A brand new pen straight to the heart.