A strong brand makes for a strong company.

This is why De Tijd (Financial newspaper) looks for the best new brands in Belgium. 2017’s winner was Generous. A brand Bowling envisioned for a new gluten-free cookie that wanted to enter the market. This is how it happened…

It starts with packaging.

Excellent packaging is crucial for a brand that lives on store shelves and in kitchen cabinets. As the life lived on a shelf is a hard one. We believe good packaging is half the work to get to a strong brand. It was treated as the primary channel, mainly when it will be the central touch point to promote the cookies. Not being able to afford expensive media we needed to make sure the packaging had a love-on-first-sight effect.

The bakers came to Bowling with nothing more than a bag full of cookies and a name. Bring us cookies, and you have our attention, we completed the story, and we got too it.

Every cookie has a character and witty backstory. ‘Syvain Speculoos’ and ‘Charlotte Chocolat’ are just 2 of the Generous family. The Generous side of the characters comes out by making the box a little gift, including a ‘from-to’ label on top of it.

The distinctive nature of the brand got a lot of attention when it launched. It got picked up by magazines and food blogs. This meant the cookies got on the preferred shelves in the segment of stores.

And the characters allowed the cookies to live their lives as it happens. For instance, when Stromae launched his fashion line Mosaert they modeled the gear. During winter seasons Sylvain Speculoos got into the famous Sinterklaas outfit, and any other occasion allowed for something new on the box. All of it is keeping the product exciting and on the shelves.

Broken cookies and social stories.

The thing with the Generous people is, they always bring cookies. The story is, in the bakery every so often a cookie breaks and is not suited for packaging. These cookies were perfect for eating; we know that because we ate heaps.

Sometime later we got the idea not just to eat them but to also make some use out of them. We decided to create the Generous box. This box adorned with the injuring but happy characters would serve as proof of the brands’ personality. Now and then Generous could deliver a box of these broken cookies to an organization that also handles people with love. A little school, a seniors residence, an entrepreneur with a kind and loving project. With this, we had a unique storyline for our social media.

Time for some cookies now…