Meet Marcel, il vient de Bruxelles.

If we say we are such skilled brand builders, why don’t we put our money where our mouths are and do it ourselves?

The idea popped up out of nowhere, as they often tend to do.

It happened somewhere around a pool in summer in the South of France, scattered with Havaianas. Laying there wearing a white singlet and nurturing 3rd glass of red wine the thought arose, ‘Why don’t we start with a brand of singlets?’.

The best singlets in the world. Let’s call them MARCEL because in Belgium that name is synonymous for the singlet. Not long after there was a complete concept, a mood board, a base-line and the first sketches of a logo. There was an idea for a collection, and three months later the first proto-types of Marcel were delivered.

Articles appeared in newspapers and fashion magazines with titles like; MARCEL IS BACK.

To play, to run, to hide, to fail, to forget, to laugh, to live, to forgive, to love, to suck, to rock, to dance, to stand against the wall, to be or not to be

We sold the brand some years ago, and MARCEL is now in the good hands of ZEB. A fashion store retailer with more than 80 fashion stores. With them, we still get to work on the brochures, collection and line extensions.MARCEL is one of their most significant collections in the ZEB-stores and lays beside brands like Calvin Klein, Levis, Tommy Hilfiger and yes, Havaianas.